What to Look for in Kids Beds

Things To Look For When Buying Kids Beds

Kids love to define their world and one of the best places they love to create their space is in their bedrooms. As children grow, their bodies and minds become more interactive with the world around them. This is when defining their bedroom becomes an important part of their private space. When a child is young, it is the parents job to define that space for them. But as they age, kids love to take a more active role in creating their bedrooms.

Of all the rooms a child spends time in, their bedrooms are considered the “safe creative place” for children. That is why creating their bedroom into the world they want to envision throughout their growth is important. The easy part of changing a room as a child grows is the décor. By contrast, it takes more defined effort to know when Incy Interiors Kids Beds should be changed out as they grow and get into different mindsets.
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Kids Beds Designed In Stages

Kids beds come in three stages and a wide variety of designs and materials. The first stage is the very young child’s bed suitable for a toddler. These beds may be at floor level or close to floor level and have no underbed space, making it easier for them to get into. These are typically not full-size single or twin bed sizes. Instead they have a shorter bed length that is more comfortable and cozy for a toddler. This is important because once a child outgrows a crib, it can be overwhelming for them to suddenly go into a full-size bed alone at night. That is when a toddler bed is perfect. These usually are great for children ages 2 to 6. These beds may be built to last generations or may be built to last for several childhood uses depending on the materials used and the rambunctious nature of the children using them.

The next level of kids beds from https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/, is a full-size single or twin sized bed. These usually have bed frames that are designed with kids in mind. They may have a bed frame with that is at floor level, a traditional bed frame or they may have underbed storage built-ins. These beds are designed for children ages 6 to 11. These beds are made of more durable materials and can usually be readily passed on to other children as needed.

The final level of kids beds, is of course the teenage bed that usually will last them until they go off to college. By the time a child gets to be a teenager, their bed is less a place of play and more a place of rest. Parents that are investing in these beds should look at this purchase as a long-term investment furniture piece. These can end up being the child’s first bed in their own apartment when they move out or can be readily used as a guest bed in the home.

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